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“Our paths may change as life goes along, but the bond between friends remains ever strong”

Just arrived back from a trip to my home town of Gaspe, in Quebec and what an experience. Scott & Susie had everything ship shape, ready for the family to arrive. I was the first and got settled in before Greg & Mariette arrived, they had a wedding to attend that weekend. Next on deck was Fred & Judy from Dartmouth, N.S. later in the day, Gary & Lois came and had John & Maureen with them. Gary & Lois were able to stay at Manny Alexander’s house in Sandy Beach, Greg & Mariette bunked with her sister, but our beds were just about full at that time. One was reserved for Gerry who arrived with Scott MacLeod who stayed next door.

In the mornings we would hear , “I am having a shower so do not use any water”. Of course I quite often forgot and turned on a tap and a scream would emit from the bathroom! But every one managed to stay reasonably clean through out the week.

Feeeding eight plus people was no mean feat, but it was accomplished quite well with every one doing their part. Bologna was a MUST for one or two meals. I found that it was not the cheap meal it once was, but still delicious and a necessary one for Gaspesians from “Away”. Scott & Susie  put on a fish dinner with pickerel from northern Ontario lakes and some cod from Gaspe. Sixteen people sat around two tables that night, enjoying the fish, good company and several bottles of wine. Susie had made her famous carrot cake for dessert and there were no left overs. One night we celebrated Judy’s birthday, and she requested blueberry pudding instead of cake. As we had some raspberries on hand, I made two puddings and a Johnny Cake for Gregory, served with molasses of course. Several of the crew had meals at Joanne’s (am not sure what the real name of the place is now, we knew it as Snowman’s, many years ago). Dixie Lee provided us with a meal also, so all in all everyone was well fed. One menber of the family gained 10 pounds and it was not ME!

My sister, Phyllis, from N.B. ; Brenda from N.S.; brothers Edgar, from P.E.I. and Francis from Ont all called in to see us. Also foster sister Elsie and her daughter, Dale Anne from Barrie were present. So nice to be all together. Many people dropped in to visit, always a joy to see friends. As 2 of the family members play guitar we had two sing song nights—one night there was 26 people singing and dancing the night away. My requests of “You are My Sunshine” and ” Home on the Range” were ignored, but I enjoyed it none the less. A most delightful evening.

Then came the night of the party to celebrate my 80 years. I was completley flabbergasted when I saw so many people. It was  heart warming to see so many familiar faces, from near and far. Made me feel really good. One of the suggestions to be happy and content as we age, is to have friends around, so I am very lucky to have so many to help me age happily!

My children gave me many DVD’s of the Carol Burnett show which I have searched for for many years. I don’t often get “down”  but now I can easily get out of a funk and go to bed laughing! Thanks kids, you may have lenghtened my life span as  laughter is supposed to make you live longer!!

After a week of togetherness, it was a real let down when everyone left the same day. But not to worry as Beth moved in with me for the reamaining week and we did a lot of visiting and playing cards which I enjoyed to the hilt. One day we went out for lunch and the dessert was called “Cherries on a cloud”, made by Linda MIller. It had raspberries and peaches instead of cherries, but I can truthfully say it was the best dessert I have ever tasted, and believe me I have sampled many ! Had home made beans at Linda’s & Waynes—delicious but deadly !!. The fresh vegetable dinner at Lorna & David Baird’s brought back pleasant memories of when I was living in Wakeham and had a garden. Sure was good.

Such a great two weeks—–Can’t begin to mention all the people I enjoyed seeing but to everyone—-“A person without friends is like a tree without roots” and I have found that I have very long roots!!   Ruth


Monster Storm

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Today we had a snow storm.

It was predicted to be a monster storm, the worst in decades, coming from Chicago. Stock up on supplies, stay home, etc., etc., were the warnings from the radio.

After having lived in Gaspe, Quebec for many years , a Monster storm in Ontario does not really scare me. Its funny how people think of snow storms from one part of the country to the other.

In Gaspe it was an accepted fact that winter would bring much snow. How many feet we generally got I do not know as figures elude me. I loved the snow and winter was just another season in my l ife. As a kid I played in it every day , as a teen ager I walked many miles no matter what the condition of the roads. I don’t rememer of actually going out in a blizzard so there must have been some warnings I heeded. When my children were old enough to go out they were allowd out in all kinds of weather as long as they stayed near the house. My poor mother was kept busy going from one window to the other keeping her eye on them, always with the dire predition they would smother——that is when I realized why I never went out in a blizzard !

Then I moved to Southern Ontario and thought I had  moved to another country entirely as far as winter was concerned.I know there must have been bad storms when people could not get to work or home from, but I have never seen any . Nothing to compare to what I lived through before moving. I worked for ten years, at the hospital, and never owned a pair of winter boots. Only once did I get caught in a snow storm and had to wade in an inch or two of snow to reach the car. So when I hear all these warnings I laugh and wait eagerly to see the Monster storm I would love to witness.

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