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Another year has passed.

2017 was quite an eventful time in my life and once again I am trying a new life in a new city.

The beginning of 2017 saw me three times visiting the emergency room of Joseph Brant hospital. The first two were heart related, fixed up and sent home with in hours. The third one was a bit more complicated as , once again, I had stones in my bile duct. Was scheduled for removal March 22 so for a whole month I was on a NO or Low far diet. Have you ever shopped for NO far products, not a great variety, but I stuck with it and did feel good—physically that is.

Mentally I was a wreck as had convinced myself that I would  not survive the procedure of removal of stones. The reason for this was that the last time I  had it done, by the same doctor, I could only remember his last words being that this could result in death. Of course I had survived the procedure but for some reason I could not get the idea out of my head that this time it would be fatal !! Of course I did not mention this to any one but it never was out of my mind.

At that time I had decided to sell my house and move to Kitchener so a lot to do.

The one good thing that came out of me being ill was that all the children came to visit and help me pack and move.

With the help of my good friend, Glenda Mullin, I quickly got an apartment and was able to put the house up for sale and start to clear out things.

Greg & Mariette were with me when the sale went through . We were literally out of the house from 8 to 8 most days and Thanks to my brother , Francis for the use of his house, we had a place to go to. It was a tiring, trying time but I sold at a good price and then the work really started!. At the end I just closed my eyes and threw out all sorts of things, packed the rest and got ready for the move which was April 4. We actually took possession April 1 which gave my good fairies time to paint the apartment for me.

Scotty, Susie, Gary, Lois and Gerry were on hand for the actual move and they sure were good workers. My family were terrific through all this and still are. Of course I am the bane of Gary’s life!!

Just got settled in and spent a couple of nights here before leaving for Kapuskasing to see my family up there. It was a nice visit but unfortunately both Susie and I caught a cold and were quite sick. I was still sick when I started home, by car, thanks to Scotty, Richard and Gary. Not sure if I would make it but I did and slept in my own bed that night. Really was sick but nothing I could pin point so didn’t go to a doctor. Probably, by that time , I was just physically and emotionally drained and needed time to recuperate. It took a month, but each day I could feel I was getting better and kept unpacking a box a day. Lois helped me with the last 6 and finally everything was in place.

Spent three delightful months in Gaspe, where I always feel at home. Lois & Gary drove me (and my old car) down, planted the garden and Gary did a lot of photo taking, which were magnificent. Fred & Judy were there a week and made a nice little living room for them selves (so Fred could watch sports without his mother bitching !) Then Susie and Scotty came for the summer and finally Greg & Mariette came looking for a house. We were all so relieved when he finally found one as they looked at several. They are happy to be back “home”

Greg & Mariette drove me home and now I am settled in, what I  hope, will be my home for a few years. Bought myself a map and although I was lost several times I do know my way around but still keep my trusty map with me, just in case.

So the end of 2017 and the beginning of a new year and a new chapter in my life. Although it has been a great change in my life, with my lovely family to support me and my good friends, Glenda & Ivers just up the hall, I am sure 2018 will be a good year.



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