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2017—Remember the fuss about the new century ,well, here we are , 17years later .with the world just about the same.

As I look back on 2016 its hard for me to remember things in sequence so this  is a hodge podge of my year.

In February I had the pleasure of a visit from Susie and Scotty–my bathroom was renovated and many little jobs done, thanks to them. As I turned 85 in Feb. we had a party and it was a grand evening with family and friends. Susie made lasagna which was a  hit with everyone. I remember I wanted a chocolate cake with white icing, but don’t remember if that is what I had or not.  ( I must have pressed a wrong button to get this italics and don’t know how to fix it ).

I went to Kapuskasing with Susie, staying with Dinah and Richard for a night first. Along with Sybil they are excellent hosts and always enjoy seeing them. In Kap I spent lots of time with Maureen and my great grand daughter, Abbey who is beautiful and sweet. She doesn’t talk but could say NO WAY quite plainly. Lois & Gary met me in North Bay  to take me home, while there I got to spend a few hours with a Florida friend.

As I had planned to move I spent some time looking for an apartment. first in Kitchener and then in Burlington. Gregory phoned to say that if he sold his house he may want to come and stay with me as I had mentioned it after Tom died. When he had a sale I started to clean out to make room for them as they were to move while I was in Gaspe for the summer. Well, unfortunately, the  sale did not go through, I am still alone and still looking for things I had  “put away”.

ON June 3rd Lois, Gary & I headed out for Gaspe. Gary drove my OLD car and Lois and I went in the van. It was different arriving to a place that had not been  “opened” . Eric had very nicely got the water running so that was okay and we soon had things put where they belonged and Gary & Lois started their gardening. They planted seeds and got the tomatoes placed (these had a good start in Kitchener) and also a bag of soil with potatoes  planted in it. Glad to say that the garden grew into a jungle, tomatoes produced much fruit and I got 62 potatoes from the bag. We had several good meals from the produce we produced ourselves.

Elsie and son Rick were with us for a week, then I was alone for two. This was very different as had never been alone in Gaspe before . But I locked the doors and braced them with a chair !! The first night I heard a crash and wood splintering and was sure some one had broken in, or tried to. Bravely I jumped (well not exactly jumped!) out of bed and went out in the living room saying, “What is going on here?”. I did not have a plan beyond the words I was brave enough to utter, but thankfully there was no answer and no one around either in or outside the house. It took some time but finally discovered what had made the noise. A large and heavy Bar Light,  that Freddie had brought from Germany, had pulled out screws holding it (hence the splintering sound) and fallen .It had landed on the shelf so I just left it there until Freddie came to put it back on the wall, this time using longer screws.

Freddie and Judy came the end of June for a week and we had a very pleasant visit. My brother, Francis came also and was with us for awhile. Gregory and Mariette  came earlier than expected as her sister was very sick. So once again our cottage (I still call it the store) began to fill up. Because Greg and Mariette came earlier they were put in Susie’s room first, then Susie and Scotty arrived so Fred’s bedroom was utilized by Greg and Mariette. But not for long, as Fred and Judy arrived. By that time Francis had evacuated the Guest bedroom, so once again Greg and Mariette were no the move ! Gerry and Shoko had been promised the guest bedroom so only one other place remained for my poor soon and  his non-complaining wife—–the storeage area !! One advantage it has,its near the bathroom ! So , one more move, a single bed and a mattress on the floor and there they stayed  until they went home. It turned out to be quite cosy after   Greg hung a rod and put two shower curtains up. With Mariette visiting I knew I would have the pleasure of many card games , Francis was still there so he enjoyed them too and we had several fun evenings of cards.

For one week in August I had all my children (and spouses) together. Although Lois and Gary did not stay with us they came often to visit. We had Christmas in August and even my two scrooges enjoyed it! or so they said !

Susie had to return to Timmins for more tests on her thyroid ( the reason she was so late coming to Gaspe in the first  place). but they came back for the family gettogether as did Fred & Judy.

Being in Gaspe is always a  pleasure.We had lots of drop in visitors, happy hours and dinners for family and friends.As I was the first one there I nominated myself chief cook ,there were not too  many objecters and I had a ball as love to cook for a crowd.Of course I had lots of help most of the time which was nice. I made bread several times  as everyone enjoys home made bread. I tried to give some away but Susie was afraid there was not going to be enough for us, but I made enough to go around and all were happy.It was as if we had gone back to the 1970’s when I was “home” doing what I enjoyed the most with all my kids around.

As my good friends, Berton & Doda were celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary I invited them for a dinner. Just before we were ready to sit down to eat, we heard an explosion and the casserole , in the oven , had exploded. I had put a cold dish into a hot oven , never dreaming it would explode, but explode it did, and I was left with nothing to feed 10 people. Dixie Lee Chicken to the rescue. I remembered later that  I had bologna  in the fridge which any good Gaspesian would have gladly eaten but all was well with the bought meal and it was a pleasant evening with old friends.

Johnny & Aggie Mullin visited with us for a week as Johnny had come to drive me back to Burlington.On the way back we stopped at Lynn & Sue’s for a night. Such charming hosts I always enjoy seeing them. Ryan and Vero brought little Sierra to see her greatgrand mother . I was so pleased to see her and she is a sweetheart.

Alas ! My sojourn in Paradise had to come to an end so on Sept 11th I arrived  back to my house. Lois & Gary had been kind enough to open it up for me which was a pleasant surprise and much nicer than an empty house. Weather had played havoc with my lawn, a fence had to be removed because it was rotting and there was a  side walk on my property, so some changes to the landscape.

Am beginning to get used to my life alone, but an apartment is beckoning so who knows what 2017 has in store. As long as I can live alone without too much assistance life will be good.

Susie had good news about her thyroid; Lois’ condition remains stable; Greg seems fine after his heart attack; Fred & Gerry don’t complain and for a mother when her children are okay, then so is she !

Happy New Year everyone, Good Health to all. May the wind be always at your back.




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  1. How wonderful to visit with so many family and friends. A very busy life! My younger daughter visited us this summer, and she and my husband William enjoyed the Icelandic Celebration in Gimli. We are across the street from the park where the midway is held. Lots of excitement. Then the 3 of us went to Hecla Resort, north of Gimli, for 3 days for a relaxing getaway. Take care – happy new year!

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