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One year has  passed since Tom died, what a topsy-turvy year it has been.

Tom and I lived a very structured life with a routine we stuck to day after day. Until I met Tom my life was not well organized but after 24 years I got very used to routine. All that flew out the window the minute Tom left me, and I am having a hard time adjusting.

In this year I have travelled from Burlington to The Pas; Winnipeg; home through the US; Dartmouth; Gaspe, back to Burlington; Kitchener; Sarnia and Kapuskasing, then home to Burlington.

Living alone is something very unfamiliar to me. Our home in Gaspe was always full (or so it seemed to me), then for a while there was  just Gerry & I. After Gerry left I married Tom so life alone is  quite a shock to my system. Still not liking it but am getting more used to it. To look on the bright side, being able to do whatever, however and whenever I want is a bonus.

Many good things have happened or going to happen——-

Greg &  Mariette may come and spend sometime with me which is something to look forward to; Scotty & Susie have made two visits,, painting and papering and doing general repairs; Lois & Gary  decorated my house with many  lights for the Christmas season and are near by if I need them; Fred & Judy are going to be with me in Gaspe for a week to keep my company; Gerry calls at least once every week and always nice to hear his voice.  Having all those children is paying off in dividends !! My step-sons are great too which is a bonus. Spending three months in Gaspe was fantastic and hope to continue doing it in the future.  Neighbours are friendly and helpful also great to have my  brother and his family in the same city.

I feel Tom’s spirit is still here—-no, I am NOT crazy , its not scary, so he can stay as long as he  wants! Life goes on and with help I will survive , eventually settling into a routine I can live with.

Thanks to everyone who has been so kind in this past year.

































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  1. Sorry to hear of your husband’s death. All the best to you.
    cousin Deanna Colwill Penney

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