Return to Burlington

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After travelling for 5 months I am finally back in Burlington, time to settle down to sort out my life. In that time I have travelled to Kapuskasing, The Pas, Winnipeg, Dartmouth and Gaspe.

The time spent in Gaspe was fantastic. I can’t begin to name the people who helped make my stay a good one,but they know who they are and that I am very grateful.

I have to thank Susie & Scottie for  putting up with me for 3 months. Although I am sure I am easy to live with,I would imagine there are other opinions on that subject.

It was great to get up each morning and look at the river running past.   The stars are so huge in the Gaspe sky, and the Big Dipper is still over our barn ! The moon,  in all its glory, was a sight to see. I KNOW there are stars and moon where I live but not near as vivid as in Gaspe—-in my opinion. I am not a beach person but it is still a nice place to go for a walk. The Seniors trip to Perce and the Picnic at Peninsula were pleasant.  Scottie took us for several drives to places I had forgotten about and actually one place I had never been.One evening ,on our way for water we saw a moose, real close up, a magnificent animal.

Took a day trip to Cap des Rosiers, then on to Cap Bon Ami where I actually mastered the stairs to the beach.

Dinners and lunches and visits with old friends were pleasant interludes.

We enjoyed the company of many people who dropped in for a chat or a drink, also visitors who stayed for awhile.It was a great surprise when Maureen and wee Abbey arrived with Ryan. Abbey kept us all amused and busy. The annual fish dinner ended with music—Ryan on guitar (and singing), Maureen & Fred on drums, the rest of us dancing up a storm, lots of fun and we have videos to prove it .

An afternoon of singing OLD songs , with Karen Briand  on the guitar,  was a trip back in time. She was entertaining David and Margaret and I was invited.

To end my stay I attended a card game to play 500 with the Seniors. A nice evening with nice people, a nice memory to send me on my way back to Ontario.

Now its all work and no play to start my new life, but I am sure, with support and help from family and friends I will find a my way—–After all tomorrow is another day !!


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