The Pas, Manitoba

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Although I remember the name The Pas (formerly known as Le or La Pas) from school, it was probably not one of the places on  my list when I started travelling. Just another name of the map of Canada, but  circumstances change and to The Pas I did travel. I flew to Timmins and from there it was two days, by car. I was anxious to make the trip as I had heard so much about the route through Northern Ontario. People said it was all rock and tundra. Rocks I recognized but just what does tundra look like. It was a long two days and we saw rocks and tundra??? and many straggly trees along the way. I was also anxious to see the house that Greg was building in The Pas.

At last , when we were beginning to think that we would never reach The Pas, around a corner was the little town. Actually it was a nice little town with small houses that I prefer to larger ones.The town is serviced very well by most every kind of business and across the river there is a Casino !! Greg’s house is a bit out of town, near a nice river, but no way isolated as there are several houses within sight. The worst complaint he has is that it blows ALL the time. The weather was reasonably nice most of the time we were there but did get cold for a few days so every one got out their winter clothing for work out side. I think I could quite easily settle there as I am a small town person.

The reason for our trip was to give Greg a hand with his house that he started to build and then suffered a heart attack before it was near completion.

Johnny, Lynn Mullin, Sue Sams, Susie and Scottie and I went up loaded for bear (or beer?????). The two Sues, Johnny, Lyn and Scottie are all great workers. They brought Greg a hat with “4 man” on it and he wore it well. Between them all—Mariette too when she took a week off—put up kitchen cupboards, hung doors, wrapped and sided a large part of the house, insulated the attic, finished two bedroom cupboards and installed racks, mudded walls. connected sinks, toilets and showers, washer and dryer and laid two floors (tiled). Me? well I made bread 6 times, more than I have for years, made cinnamon buns and johnny cake, swept the floors, washed some dishes and cooked some meals. Not a great deal but kept the hungry workers fed. A good two weeks, lots of laughs and stories.

We met a couple from Miramachi, N.B.—-down homers like us and a lovely couple. Had a couple of meals together which was very enjoyable.

A few of us made a trip or two to the Casino but none of us came away any richer.

Lois and Gary came to Winnipeg to see family and to pick me up, so I got to see another city and also had the pleasure of visiting with Gary’s family again.Came home through Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan crossing at Sarnia. In all my life I have never seen so much “nothingness”. It was a good feeling when Hamilton came in sight. It was a great week with super people.


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