Visit to Kapusaking

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Finally home again since visiting most all the time since Feb 25.

Susie and Scottie  picked me up on their way home from spending some time with Lon and Coreen and seeing a good show in Niagara. We spent  the evening and night in Ajax with Scottie’s family.A delightful time chatting with Scottie’s mother, Sybil, Dinah, Richard and their son Rick, Also got to see their two grand children, all grown up. When we arrived in Ajax I realized that I had forgotten my purse (my medications were in it) and Scottie drove back to Burlington to pick it up. They could have so easily put me on the Go train and said Goodbye! Now that’s a good son-in-law ! We drove to Kap the next day, no snow and roads were clear but Kap has more snow than I have seen since I left Gaspe. But it is beautiful, but I am sure the residents see it differently than visitors.

My great grand daughter, Abbey and her mother,Maureen came every day to see me. Abbey is a real doll,she loves a bath and really gets going after she has one, Very amusing for all us older people! A very bright little girl, just know she will be brilliant !!

Spent an evening with Mike and Joanne, at their house and enjoyed a delicious roast beef dinner, cooked by chef Mike.Nice to see them again as it has been some time.

Shirley (Patterson) was in Kap to visit her daughter and she needed a bit of help with some knitting so she came to see me a few times. Of course we did more talking than knitting but do hope I helped a bit.

Bimbo and Stephen came from Manitouwadge to see me and we had a good time talking about their geneaology  hobby. They are a great source of information and I was able to add a few pieces to it. Great to see them again.They were there for a brunch that Susie had for family and friends.

As  Maureen had brought Abbey over every day to see me, I really missed her when I left. I wish I could be nearer as she changes so quickly. John did a photo shoot of the four generations and got some nice pictures. Sorry I can not put any in this blog, as my talents do not run to this sort of activity.

Gary and Lois came to North Bay to pick me up and Scottie and Susie drove me, in less than ideal conditions to meet them. Gary made me repeat. three times. I will not go to Kapusaking in the winter!

While in North Bay I spent a few hours with a friend I met in Florida. She had all her pictures from those years and we had lots of fun remembering our good times in sunny Florida.

As it was Garys birthday we went out to The Loose Moose (or some such name) for wings. Looked and  smelled very good but I chose fish.

A very pleasant visit , am so lucky to have family that will drive me around. Thanks Guys.


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