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I have to be one of the luckiest OLD women in the world. At the ripe old age of 84 I can’t believe there are still so many people who took the time to wish me a Happy Birthday.

This year I spent my birthday at Lois’. Gary and Lois picked me up Feb 25, the next day I spent a delightful few hours with Ivers & Glenda Mullin, enjoying a delicious lunch. When Gaspesians get together there is never enough time to get it all said !!

On my birthday I made bread, a chocolate cake and tomatoes and macaroni, all my favourite foods—–well, Gary and Lois did provide the ingredients ! The house had decorations , balloons and even a message on the bathroom mirror. Grand children dropped in to see me and have supper, which was pizza but I noticed that most of my tomatoes and macaroni disappeared too.

Feb 28 was another good day as we attended the anniversary party for Rowena & Howard Gallichan and had a chance to see and talk with so many people. Was greatly surprised and pleased to see Edwidge Annett, a friend from Gaspe.

Really enjoyed my visit with Gary & Lois and thanks Gary for the hot water bottle In my bed each night, also for all the work on my computer and printer and for setting it all up for me when you took me home.

My children and grand children were  in touch with me , either by phone or e-mail. When I got home Susie and Scottie arrived for a couple of days , another pleasant visit.

Tomorrow I am on my way to see my grand daughter, Maureen and my darling great granddaughter, Abbey who, I am sure, will keep my amused. I had the pleasure of seeing Breanna, Kyleigh and Leland (great-grand children) in Kitchener.

So, turning 84 was not traumatic, atall, just another number with so many wonderful people.

Feb 27th was also Tom’s and my 24th anniversary , another event in my life to celebrate.

Life is good !!!


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  1. Hi Ruth, love your newsy letters, wish you would write more often or better yet how about another book.

    So glad to hear you had a lovely birthday and a little trip……..tomorrow Helen will be 85…

    So many people passing away lately in Gaspe, that awful accident that took the Jean girl….they are collecting money,

    The last time I looked they had over 4, glad,.,,

    Off to have some pea soup, made today it is so good and finished baking the ham in the oven,

    So take care

    Love Sandra xx

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