Happy New Year—2015

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Thought I would round up my year, as I remember it, some good and some bad times.

Will start with the things that were not so good to get them out of the way for happier news.

The past year has taken 4 cousins and some good friends from my life . Annie, Dot, Julia and Wesley all left us and saddened many. My mother loved to visit her sisters so my cousins & I became very close. Those were the days when people just dropped in to a warm welcome.

For several years I have had a breathing problem which I finally decided I would have investigated. It has a name which I can not either spell or pronounce but its the larynx causing a spasm and cutting off my breath.There is no cure and no warning so can happen at any time. The specialist assured me that no one had died from it. Lasts about 50 to 60 seconds and I am to relax ! Ever try  relaxing while gasping for breath and wondering if it will be your last !! So now I have decided that staying on the ground would be the best for me, no more flying as when these episodes hit me I feel the need to get out side. Of course I have been known to change my mind.

Tom lost his driver license which was (and is) very hard—for both of us actually. I can no longer ask him to run to the store for eggs, milk or what ever I need for baking, and he can not stop advising me on how to drive !! Then to add to his misery he had a slight stroke in May, luckily recovering very well. Shortly after his stroke he fell off his bike and gave his leg a horrible gash which took  two trips to the doctor before it healed

Greg & Mariette decided to move to Manitoba, leaving me very sad as was used to seeing them frequently. When Greg had a heart attack so far away I felt very helpless. But he was in good hands and is recovering.

Having cataracts removed and replaced with new lens was not a really bad experience, but did lots of worrying before it was over. My world is much brighter, only problem is I see more WRINKLES, DUST & DIRT. The dust and dirt I can handle but the wrinkles are another thing.

Now the good part of 2014——-

Still look forward to the mail delivery as love to get letters from my friends and pen pals I have had for many years.

In April, Lois & I drove to Kapuskasing to meet my newest great-grand daughter, Abbey. She is a real sweetheart and enjoyed seeing and holding her. Nice to see Susie, Scott, Maureen & John also.

Travelled to New Orleans with Greg, Mariette & Susie to be with other family & friends. There were 14 of us at the same motel—lots of laughter, gabbing, drinks and eating. Did a river cruise, town tour and a couple of trips to the casino.

Attended a birthday party to celebrate Willie Palmers 95th . Such a fine gentleman, always a pleasure to talk to him. It was nice to see so many helping him celebrate .

Lois & I drove to Niagara-0n-the-Lake to see a play. A beautiful day and a very funny play, enjoyed an ice cream afterwards and did a bit of shopping at a Scottish shop where we got some sweeties from Scotland.

Lois & Gary treated me to the musical Wicked in Toronto. Out for Chinese food after the show. A delightful afternoon.

Tom & I enjoyed an afternoon at a Big Band Swing Era show. The players were all very young but talented and the sound was as good as with the old masters we grew up with. My toes were itching to dance.

Elsie was 90 in July and entertained family & friends at a restaurant in Barrie. Lois & Gary took Beth & I. Tom was not feeling well enough to go. Very nice to see all the family and others I had not seen for many years.

Spent two wonderful weeks in Paradise (Gaspe as most every one knows!) with Susie and Scottie, Fred, Judy, Lois, Gary and Gerry——missing Greg very much.Had a great time—-celebrated Susies 60th birthday with a party in York Hall—–14 friends sat down to enjoy the fish Scottie had caught in Northern Ontario, an annual event we all look forward to—— dinner at Maloneys at Corner-0f-the Beach—-a day in Perce, plus all  the people who called in to see us. Nothing to equal this annual trip , no matter how far I travel.

Made my Christmas visit to see Lois and her family.I had done a lot of baking for the grand children which I hope they enjoy eating it as much as I did baking . I made 24 fruit cakes as there are still some who enjoy them.. Always a fun time to visit with Lois , Gary and all the children.

Christmas Eve we had dinner at my brothers house with his family and a few other friends. An annual event for many years. Of course, we all miss our dear Elaine.

Toms son, Rob, and his wife Debbie were in Burlington for Christmas and New Year. So very nice to see them, especially at this time of year.

Now on to 2015. No plans, just hope for a healthy Year and enjoy each day as it comes. No resolutions as I have already broken far too many.


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  1. You’ve had a pretty action-packed year, Mom. I’m glad I was part of it! Hope to see you in 2015 and also hope you don’t lose any more cousins!

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