Growing Old

November 22, 2014 at 7:19 pm | Posted in Uncategorized | 1 Comment

Often, when a person gets to be a certain age, the usual question is, “What is your secret for a long life?”

The usual answer is, ” I have never smoked, do not drink to excess, eat well and have been active all

all my life”.

Not saying that is not true BUT——look at most old people’s calendars and what do you see? Dance dates,

concerts, day trips, movies ???? You have to be kidding——its filled with appointments with people

who help you stay alive !!

Lets start from the top of our body.

Dermatologists keep keratosis (mostly men) in check, removing them every six months so it will not

develop into cancer

Audiologists test your ears and suggest a good hearing aid so that you can connect with the rest of

the world again. Sometimes they help, but they work better if they are in the ears !

The  “ologist `who cleans out wax from your eats so those $5000.00 hearing aids will work.

Optometrists who keep you reading and driving the car. Then if you have cataracts, as nearly every

person over 50 has, you have to be passed on to a higher up for an operation.

Dentists have a go at helping you keep all those teeth you`ve had for so many years. with fillings

crowns, root canals and of course cleanings. I feel very lucky to be able to put mine in a glass as

I prepare for bed each night (one less appointment on my calendar ).

Respirologists  prescribe nasal sprays if you have problems with post nasal drip or breathing. Not

that they do much good but you keep tying.

That is just you head !

Therapists have a hey day with old people as there are always joints not working or hurting.

Surgeons do their best with new hips, knees, and God knows what else if you wanted it. Of course

if you live long enough all these wonderful new  parts will need replacing.

Before the surgeons do their work there are   many people deciding just what comes out or stays put.

Your regular doctor first has a go at you, probing and punching , suggests blood testing, and seeing

specialists.——–Gastroenterologists, gynecologists and all the other ologists plus technicians that do

X-rays, ultra sounds, cat scans , mammograms and MRIs.

So when your time comes to be asked the secret of a long life, give credit where credit is due. Along

with all those above mentioned people, you could be the recipient of some very good genes that

has helped more than all those vegetables you remember eating.

That is MY opinion and I am sticking to it !!


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  1. you forgot what many feel is the most important ologist…….the famous INLAWOLOGIST

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